Adapting digital assets to enterprise business.

Enterprise financial software that seamlessly integrates digital assets into existing business operations.

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What is Fortris?

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On-premise vault with simplified secure key management and the ability to recover funds at any time. Be in complete control of your digital assets.

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Multi-User Management

Built using multi-signature technology, define complex authorization workflows and set employee permissions. Full auditability of user activity.

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Treasury Management

Business logic developed from real-world usage. Flexible multi-account silo structure with standardized reporting and dashboards.
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Integrate crypto payments directly into your existing e-commerce infrastructure and remove the need for third parties in your payment flow.

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Distributed intrusion detection system that keeps your funds safe. Set conditional authorization protocols that are managed externally.

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Understand who your customers are and instantly assess their risk profiles. Use historical data to predict when transaction fees will be at their lowest.

Designed for real world use.

Our team of UX design experts continuously tweak and improve the Fortris user interface with ongoing feedback from our existing clients.

This user-centric approach is what simplifies the transition for enterprise organizations onto the Fortris platform because they interact with familiar screens that are intuitive by nature.

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Always protected.


Proven platform

Tested by enterprise level amounts of daily transactions.

Custom rules updated

Custom rules

Flexibility to create business logic specific to your business.

Security experts

Industry leaders on best practice for digital asset security.


Transaction and fraud analysis.

Blockchain brings a new level of transparency to enterprise business, which with the right tools can be used to assess potential customers and mitigate overall risk.

Our platform lets management set custom rules on the level of trust expected from incoming funds. This information is displayed in a dashboard for easy drill downs.

Integrate Fortris into your business.

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